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Stephen Burks on how to design great sustainable products

What techniques do great designers employ when developing products that people love? How does the iF Final Jury decide which projects and products deserve an award? In this series, we talk with esteemed designers and iF jury members for ideas and insight as to what makes great design.Reading Time: 4 min | Mar 2024

Breaking into design: Starting your career as a lighting designer

The 2024 edition and jury of the iF Design Student Award is currently in full swing: time to talk to an expert about how young creatives at the start of their careers can get a leg up. We asked Anuj Gala, lighting designer with experience in Europe, the US and India, about "getting started". Reading Time: 4 min | Mar 2024

How to make it... as a Brazilian Graphic Designer abroad?

The creative fields - architecture, design and advertising - are undoubtedly some of the most incredible places to start your career. But it's not always easy to get your foot in the door - especially in another country. Reading Time: 4 min | Feb 2024

Interview with Design Studio Relvãokellermann: "Function is the Starting Point of Our Design"

Munich based design studio Relvãokellermann is on a kind of track of success: In last year's iF DESIGN AWARD they have won not one, but three iF DESIGN AWARDS Gold. In the exclusive interview, Ana Relvão and Gerhard Kellermann they talk about their unique design philosophy.Reading Time: 4 min | Feb 2024

How to design great apps for kids (that even parents will love)

What makes great design... great? How is a design award-worthy? In this series, we ask experts across the creative industries to open up their magic bag of tools. We spoke with Lucas Zanotto, designer, illustrator, artist and director: about designing apps and creating UX for children.Reading Time: 4 min | Feb 2024

Graphic Design: How AI is reshaping the Creative Landscape

AI-driven tools have brought us radical changes and a wealth of innovation, that's for sure. But where exactly do we see the biggest transformation and how can we work WITH it? Reading Time: 4 min | Jan 2024

Packaging Design Expert Lauren Tutssel on Sustainability and Great Ideas

iF Design Magazine - Silent Pool Gin designed by Lauren Tutssel.
Packaging is not just something "to wrap" a product in. Good packaging design enhances the content, it can strengthen brand identity and - most importantly - sustainability standards. We spoke to iF jury member Lauren Tutssel about this. Reading Time: 4 min | Dec 2023

José Manuel Ferrero on the Art of finding your Signature Style

Product and interior designer José Manuel Ferrero runs a "design atelier" in Valencia, Spain, and creates tailored designs for restaurants, bars and much more. In the interview he also talks about how he works between the disciplines, sustainability and finding the right projects for your career.Reading Time: 5 min | Dec 2023

iF DESIGN AWARD Jury: A Look Behind the Scenes

With the first jury round of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2024 - the iF Online Preselection - we are already excited for the Final Jury in February in Berlin! Take a closer look with us: What makes our jurors so special and what requirements do they have to fulfill?Reading Time: 5 min | Nov 2023



Interview with Life Innovation Design Center of LG Electronics: Innovation for a Better Life

"LG is a life brand that focuses on the lifestyles of our customers. We pursue innovation that enriches customers lives and values people."Reading Time: 13 min | Aug 2022

Creating Minimalist Design with a Humble Heart

Interview With Xiaomi Ecosystem Industrial Design Director Li NingningReading Time: 30 min | Nov 2020